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"Energy work has been a relaxing antidote to hectic corporate life. Continual exploration along this path helps me work towards the balance that many of us strive to achieve."

Manhattan Beach, CA

"Today, I woke up and my neck did not hurt me at all! I was totally astounded! I feel great. My neck feels great and I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you taking care of me, Jennifer."

Kansas City, KS

"Jane is a born healer. This, coupled with her QED expertise, has enabled her to help others in so many ways. Her gifts have helped me to walk more lightly through my everyday life. I am grateful for this sense of well-being."

Ventura, CA

"You always offer such a gentle and safe space for me to receive healing. The Quantum Energetic Disciplines work is a deeply healing tool for anyone on a path of wellness and spiritual focus."

Ventura, CA

"I have so appreciated the depth of peace and sense of all being right and as it should that came from the energy work."

Simi Valley, CA

"No matter what I am facing when I begin a session, I know that my life will change for the better as a result of this work. I am grateful every day for the freedom that I now enjoy thanks to…this work."

Ventura, CA

"Doing the energy work…has helped me let go of baggage I have carried around for years. After an energy session, I feel light."

Oxnard, CA

"I found myself…completely released, relaxed and like a weight that I had been carrying inside was suddenly apparent and missing. In the next month…I only felt calm, relaxed and so much ease… In the year since then…I have such a sense of immediate release of so many emotions that I had been holding onto, thinking I was unable to let go. I did Pulse other 'topics' and feel similar release of so many patterns…where the old is no longer carried without choice, and not so negatively."

McKinleyville, CA

"I…receive messages, visualizations and energy movement that bring me insight, grounding and a feeling of clearing. That day and especially the next, I often feel like there is a big weight off my shoulders. I am clear, focused, creative and emotions are steady. You know the energy work is improving your mind, body and soul when people notice that you are 'different' with their compliments…"

Ventura, CA

"My sessions with Jane have increased my sense of well-being in stressful times. She is a gifted healer and loving spiritual being."

Ventura, CA

"…thanks to our Pulse sessions, I feel like I am now free from my past. My health has turned around, my marriage is more fulfilling & I have more energy… I leave every session feeling invigorated, refreshed & like a new woman."

Irvine, CA

"As you know, my mother has been gravely ill… I am eternally appreciative that you came to see [my mother] the day before she was admitted. She felt such peace and joy after your visit, and after all these months of pain, she was completely without discomfort right up to her surgery time. Thank you for this amazing gift, both for my mother and my family."

-K. Kris
Long Beach, CA

"I have seen such positive results from working with you. Thank you so much for helping me to learn to live my life to its potential."

Savannah, GA

"Do you want to hear all of the great things that have happened to me since we did the Pulse? My eye (which we had Pulsed and had been giving me so much trouble) no longer hurts, I had a great conversation with my boyfriend…we're back together and he is being fantastic…my boss called out of the blue to tell me I was doing a fantastic job and gave me a $3K raise when it is not even merit time, and my stylist…offered to do my hair for free for the work holiday party.  I'm continuing to lose weight and everyone is telling me how great I look.  My whole outlook has turned around and I feel great. Thanks again!"

Kansas City, MO

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